How It Works

We are pleased to offer two easy options: (1) Door-va-Door Trucking; and (2) Door-va-Door Shipping. 

Door-va-Door Trucking.  This is our white-glove, concierge service. We hire the drivers and personnel and coordinate with your camp the appropriate times to drop-off and pick-up your luggage.  If you live in our service area this is your option. 

Door-va-Door Shipping.  If pick-up/drop-off is outside of our service area, we offer a discounted option to ship your gear with UPS.  Our website provides a platform for you to arrange for shipping luggage with UPS.  You select the times for pick-up and delivery and enter the correct size and weight for each piece of luggage. 


Step 1

Register and pay for your order online.

Step 2

Pack Your bags and attach the provided labels and tags

Step 3

Place bags outside on your scheduled day for pick-up.

Step 4

There is no Step 4! Breathe easy.  Your luggage will arrive on time.  Have a great summer!

  1. Get Started! Use our convenient booking tool online to schedule your reservation and add all the details of your child’s baggage and pickup information. We’ll need to know things like the details of your baggage, where you’d like them picked up and which camp you’ll be traveling to. Your contact and payment information will be collected at check-out.  If you need changes or update your booking – no problem.  Email us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.
  2. Pack Your Bags!  Check with your camp to ensure you have the necessary items and that everything you are packing is permitted to enter camp.  If your camp doesn’t allow it, neither do we.   Please see Section 3 of our Terms & Conditions of Service for a list of prohibited items.  Please note at registration if you intend to send sports equipment or other gear that does not fit in your trunk or duffel.
  3. Attach the tags and labels and leave luggage for pick-up! Whether you’re shipping your bags or having them picked up by our team, we’ll provide the necessary labels or tags. It’s your responsibility to ensure that they are firmly attached to the outside of your bag and clearly visible. These tags and labels are vital to making sure that your luggage gets where it needs to go safely.  You’ll receive a window of time for pickup and bags should be left outside in the designated location for pickup. If you do not have a good place available at your home or business, please contact us to make other arrangements so we can make sure your pickup is completed in the most efficient way.

From pickup to delivery, our team monitors your luggage as it makes its way to camp. Once the bags are delivered, you’ll receive an email confirmation and they’ll be waiting for your child upon their arrival.  Enjoy a stress-free trip to camp and we’ll be there to get your luggage home, just as easily.

From Online Scheduling to Baggage Pickup and Final Delivery,
We Guarantee Exceptional Customer Service, On-Time Delivery and Even Complimentary Baggage Insurance, All at a Great Price.

On-Time Delivery Guarantee
Our scheduling options have been catered specifically to your camp experience and built to ensure your child’s luggage arrives on time, no matter what. We track every piece of luggage every step of the way.

Complimentary Baggage Insurance
Camp gear is valuable and we’ve got you covered! Complete luggage insurance is already included in your reservation for up to $250.00, but if you would like a bit more coverage, we also offer additional insurance up to $1,000 for an extra cost. It’s an extra layer of protection for even more peace of mind.

Customer Service Guarantee
Our friendly and knowledgeable team is available to address your questions or concerns quickly.  We understand the pressures of parenting and getting kids off to camp.  We’re committed to lightening your load and are available to help.