How It Works

Camp Luggage Pickup and Delivery

Door-va-Door Trucking is pleased to offer white-glove, concierge service to transport your luggage to and from camp. We hire the drivers and personnel and coordinate with your camp the appropriate times to drop-off and pick-up your luggage.

We offer a variety of options, depending upon where you live and your camp:

  1. Centralized pick-up/drop-off.  Parents will drop off their children’s luggage at a central meeting point that is typically a JCC, synagogue, or shopping center parking lot.  We will provide you with the exact location and time to drop off your luggage.  
  1. Door-to-Door delivery.   You tell us where to pick up and drop off your children’s luggage.  This may be your house, office, or a friend’s house – it’s up to you! 


Step One-1️⃣Step Two-2️⃣Step Three-3️⃣Step Four-4️⃣
Register and pay for your order online. We will mail you luggage tags in April or May.Pack Your bags and attach the provided labels and tags. One tag goes on each bag.
Place bags outside (or at the centralized location) on your scheduled day for pick-up.There is no Step 4! Breathe easy.  Your luggage will arrive on time.  Have a great summer! 
  1. Get Started! Use our convenient online booking tool to schedule your reservation and add all the details of your child’s baggage and pickup information.  After you select your camp, we’ll need you to create an account, add information about your luggage items, and where you’d like us to pick them up.  Your contact and payment information will be collected at check-out.  If you need to change or update your booking please email us at and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. 
  1. Pack Your Bags!  Check with your camp to ensure that you have the necessary items and that everything you are packing is permitted to enter camp.  If your camp doesn’t allow it, neither do we.   Please see Section 3 of our Terms & Conditions of Service for a list of prohibited items.  Are you over packing?  Most likely . . . yes! 
  1. Attach the tags and labels and leave luggage for pick-up! We provide the necessary labels and tags. It’s your responsibility to ensure that they are firmly attached to the outside of your bags and clearly visible. These tags and labels are vital to making sure that your luggage gets where it needs to go safely.  You’ll receive a window of time for pickup and bags should be left outside in the designated location for pickup. If you do not have a good place available at your home or business, please contact us to make other arrangements. 

From pickup to delivery, our team monitors your luggage as it makes its way to camp. Enjoy a stress-free trip to camp and we’ll be there to get your luggage home, just as easily. From Online Scheduling to Baggage Pickup and Final Delivery, We Guarantee Exceptional Customer Service at a Great Price.

On-Time Delivery 

Our scheduling options have been catered specifically to your camp experience and built to ensure your child’s luggage arrives on time. We track every piece of luggage every step of the way.

Baggage Insurance Included

Camp gear is valuable and we’ve got you covered! Insurance is included in your for up to $250 per item.  For additional peace of mind, we also offer you the option to purchase additional insurance up to $1,000 in coverage to insure against property damage or loss. Terms and conditions apply.  

Customer Service Guarantee

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is available to address your questions or concerns quickly.  We understand the pressures of parenting and getting kids off to camp.  We are parents, too.  We’re committed to lightening your load and are available to help. 

We all have baggage. Thank you for trusting us with yours.
Click Register Online to get started. Your kids You deserve it!