Summer 2024

Dear Camp Ramah Berkshires Families, 

We are thrilled to partner with Camp Ramah to help provide you with a fun and meaningful kayitz (summer).   Our co-founder, Josh Romirowsky, spent twelve summers at Camp Ramah in the Poconos as a camper and counselor.  From 2013 to 2018, he also served on its Board of Directors.  Needless to say, we have a very special connection to Ramah. Schlepping your childrens’ luggage is very much a labor of love!

We are pleased to offer you a variety of options for luggage delivery.  Please choose the option that works best for your family.  Your options include:

  1. Concierge, door-to-door service – we will pick up at your house or other designated location;  
  2. Centralized drop-off/pick-up – this is similar to camper busing, where luggage is picked-up and dropped off at a central location; or
  3. A hybrid option of the two – i.e. door-to-door pick-up one-way + centralized drop-off the other.

Please register online by April 15th to take advantage of Early Bird pricing.  

As in years past, we will pick up luggage a few days prior to the start of camp and return luggage shortly after camp ends.  In May, we will email all registered families to provide more specific pick-up/delivery dates.  

Additional questions?  Please visit our FAQ page at: or email us at:   

With gratitude, 

Josh Romirowsky & Maor Rozalis 
Door-va-Door Trucking

p.s. A portion of all revenue will be donated to Camp Ramah’s scholarship fund so that more families can experience the magic of camp.  L’dor va’dor!